General Anesthesia Information for Families

Before Your Visit

From about a week up to the night before you are to going the dentist, you will receive a call from the physician who is going to sedate your child for his/her dental procedure. The doctor will ask you some questions about your child and then discuss with you what will happen on the day of the dental procedure.

Things To Watch For

If your child develops a cough, cold or a fever, please call your dentist right away. It’s important to have your child in his/her normal state of health for the dental visit. If your child has a cold, it may be best to wait a few weeks until he/she has recovered.

The Day Of Appointment

For children who are having sedation in the morning, please do not give them anything to eat after midnight. You may offer them clear liquids to drink (water, clear apple juice, Pedialyte, grape juice) up until 4 hours prior to their appointment. Patients who are undergoing sedation should not have anything in their stomach. These rules are intended for the safety of your child. Please dress your child in something comfortable, preferably loose - fitting with short sleeves, so that he/she will be as comfortable as possible.

At The Dentist’s Office

Your child will have some special cream applied to his/her hand or arm that will numb up the skin in the area in which we plan to start the intravenous line (an IV). Your child may receive a pre - medicati on to “take the edge off.” When he/she is sedated enough, we will take him/her back to the procedure room and, through the area of numbness, an IV will be started. Following that, some medication will be given through the IV for him/her to go to sleep. Your dentist will tell you how long the procedure will take. He will give you an update if it takes longer than expected. When your dentist is done he will come out to talk with you, and shortly thereafter, you may come back to join your child as he/she wakes up from the anesthetic.

After The Procedure

Your child will be awake before he/she is sent home with you. However, for the remainder of the day, he/she may be a little sleepier than usual. Please keep an eye on your child. No swimming, roller - skating, or climbing for the rest of the day. Quiet activities around the house are a good idea. The best diet for your child after the procedure is one that starts out with foods easy to swallow and digest: first water, then juice, then crackers, then rice or cereal or toast, and in a few hours if he/she is still hungry, return to what is a normal diet for your child. Your child may have mild pain from the dental procedure or a mild sore throat. Children’s Tylenol, given as directed, should relieve the discomfort. Popsicles, unless prohibited by your dentist, are usually kids’ favorites and can help with relieving a sore throat in this case.
If you have any questions, please, do not hesitate to call us at (510) 428 - 3070 and ask for Dr David E. Morris.

Financial Considerations

The anesthesia fee is based on the procedure and the length of time that it takes. Payment of this fee must be paid in full on the day of the procedure. If you feel your medical or dental insurance will reimburse for anesthesia services, please discuss with them before the day of the procedure.